"We will make the best Schnitzel and the best steak in the region."

That was Frank's slogan before he reopened the restaurant. Our kitchen has a lot more to offer than those two arguments. We stand for sustainability, regionality, quality and great hospitality.

After over 20 years of gastronomical experience at the Tegernsee, we want to spend more time at home with our friends and family. We want to fulfill ourselves in a culinary way and we want to take you with us on this adventure.

Wir möchten die Geschichte des Hauses fortsetzen und die Einzigartigkeit des Ortes und der Region mit Ihnen teilen.

We want to continue the good reputation of this place and bring back the uniqueness that once shaped it. We want to share everything with you.


For reservations of a table in our restaurant or a room in our hotel, please just call us.


Monday, Thursday and Friday from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Tuesday & Wednesday – rest day
Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Regionality and Naturalness

Here at Wetteraperle we attach particular importance to the mindful treatment of groceries. We get our products from local suppliers and whenever possible from the producer directly. So, our foods like meat, potatoes and other food directly from the region.

The one who wants to use good products will also create a delicious meal and exactly after this slogan we cook in our kitchen. Paired with a pinch of experience, creativity, and salt, you will get just the best from us.

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The perfect experience in our restaurant includes not only good food but also friendly innkeepers.

We renovated for you the dining is completely new and brought back the good old charm this restaurant once had. Also, you can enjoy your after-work beer or breakfast outside in the beer garden next to the fishing pond.

Wir legen besonderen Wert darauf, unsere Gäste kennen zulernen.

We pay special attention to get to know our guests.

"If you don't honor the guest, you don't deserve his payment."

Tradition, Home And International Cuisine

You might ask yourself if those three aspects fit together? We will show you how they do.

Even though we know,  how much our guests appreciate their traditional food.

Let us surprise you how the combination of traditional dishes fits together with modern styles. We show you how you can eat sustainable with seasonal products.

Open yourself for new tastes and get surprised by our kitchen philosophy.

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Main Courses

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For reservation at our restaurant, just give us a quick call.